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Chapter 193 A Vigorous Radar Station At the end of April, the snow and ice of Lake Baikal were melted but still cold, but there were not a few tourists in the lakeside towns.Shiquan drove a rented off road vehicle through the lively town all the way north on windows 10 product key microsoft 365 the Panshan Road leading to the radar station.Elena, who was sitting in the co pilot and holding a rock candy, looked at the cameras on the telegraph poles along the way that slowly turned as the car moved forward, This place is more and more like a heavily guarded radar station.

The decayed animal skins, they all thought that the three prisoners of war had to rely on a group to keep warm at that time.Does this look so comfortable Liu Xiaoye mutteredly raised the bright flashlight, and directed the beam to the outline of Mount Fuji depicted on the concrete wall and the crooked earthworms beside him, I don t know what it s written.It is estimated that the other rooms are the same, do you want to continue Big Ivan asked, standing windows 10 oem product key not working at the end.Of course continue The Shiquan brothers and Liu Xiaoye said in unison, whether you can find out what is secondary, and see how miserable the little devil prisoners of war were the main thing.

Assak s move was a great can you use windows 10 product key more than once help.Shiquan and Elena took this opportunity to quickly clear out the enemy who rushed to the mountain pass, and then turned the guns to windows 10 product key for home windows product key on my computer suppress the firepower at the mouth of the cave.Assak threw away the rifle that shot the bullet, and took the chain tied to his neck with one hand to cover the wound on his stomach, and the other hand forced his body to slowly climb away from the cave.Hidden on the top of the mountain, license keys Windows 10 Pro Product Key Uk Ivan always paid attention to Assac s position with the help of a thermal imaging camera.

We need to pull it out as soon as possible.If we command prompt windows 10 product key delay it, it will sink to the bottom.Shi Quan looked at Elena after he said, How to fish How much does this tank weigh Elena turned to look at Big Ivan.12 tons, no more than 13 tons Remove the component pulley, and then directly use the how to find the windows 10 product key in bios winch to pull it Elena turned her head and windows 10 key digital pointed at Tatuola, Four cars are side how to purchase windows 10 home product key by side, two cars on each side pull the split force, and two in the middle pull the main rope.Go Shi Quan nodded in agreement without hesitation, and everyone quickly adjusted the drag formation in accordance with Elena s request.

With them as the center, from off road vehicles to Kamaz, all kinds of vehicles surrounded an area.Hundreds of square meters of huge empty field.And around this empty field, hundreds of body bags with clubs or valley search team ogo were densely arranged into a silent square.The Orthodox priest invited from Vyazma windows 10 product key for dell laptop completed a simple requiem ceremony under the background of the windows 10 pro product key 100 working camping lights and the ogo of the Dragon and get windows 10 product key registry Bear Club.This is also the only free of charge among the many consecration ceremonies provided by the Orthodox Church.

Shi Quan opened the canvas, Xiao Ye, don t be lazy, come over to dig the stones.Assak, take that little guy out to wash him.Siqin, you go and help the big guy.Asking Asak to do the meticulous work of archeological excavations is tantamount to asking for trouble, but he is definitely a good hand at serving animals, plus the thoughtfulness of raising camels in the family.The little camel with gauze gave the arrangement clearly.Following Shiquan s instructions one by one, the fossil mining sites became busy again.

Valeria looked out the window, Some time ago our people accidentally discovered the memoir written by him while sorting out his belongings.This poor old guy was afraid that he really couldn t remember everything, so he took the first place.The battle began to write down all the things that could still be remembered.Turning her gaze, Valeria retrieved a photo from her mobile phone and handed it to Shi Quan, He also mentioned you in his memoirs.This is his evaluation.After receiving the phone, Shi Quan looked at the slightly crooked font in the photo, I met two interesting children today, and they even gave me windows 10 pro generic key a gold medal.

You windows 10 product key viewer download better stay still.On the other side, my sniper friend is watching windows 10 pro license key sale you.As long as any one of you moves more than one meter before I drive back there, this kid or one of you will be dead After speaking, the woman got into the cab and started the car and rushed directly to the border checkpoint.Until the car disappeared to the end of the field of vision, everyone, plus the kid who was wicked, got into the car and returned to the nursing home.Xiao Ye, you used saline for both of them, right Shi Quan asked Liu Xiaoye, who had come to pick up the people before getting off the car.

The convoy slowly walked more than two hundred best software to find windows 10 product key kilometers, and before they arrived windows 10 product key recovery tool Windows 10 Pro Product Key Uk at windows 10 genuine product key generator Mulun, a brand new gun grey van blocked the convoy head on.Yuri Yuri A half size kid in jeans and leather jacket ran down from the co pilot position and happily waved the cap in his hand.Isn t this the same as that of the sheep herding baby Having not seen him for more than a year, this little guy has grown find windows 10 product key in s mode a lot stronger.Stepping on the brakes, Shi Quan opened the passenger door directly from inside, Get in Siqin put on the cap in his hand again, trot and jumped into the cab.

Everyone didn t care about it at all.Shiquan, who was hiding behind the scenes watching the excitement, was about to talk to the big Ivan about Ludenkov s win 10 product key finder commission.A long legged hairy girl carrying a microphone with the Red Star station logo suddenly stopped him, Yuri, let s meet again.Up.Yelena Shi Quan glanced at the other party s badge.Wasn t this girl the same intern reporter when he first interviewed Red Star Unexpectedly, not seeing this girl for a year, not only has turned up, but also looks pretty good.

A dog is still a car.Such advanced Shi Quan was aroused.This is not advanced.He Tianlei smiled, where to buy windows 10 product key reddit We have imitated this windows 10 pro key upgrade thing in China, but in fact it is purely a helpless move for Microsoft Office 2019 Product Key Free 2021 [100% Working] Windows 10 Pro Product Key Uk the thermal imaging technology to fail.This kind of radar can only provide a general direction of alert, and it is impossible to do it like a synthetic aperture was right.Ivan nodded approvingly, But it s just Windows 10 Pro Product Key Uk right for us.As long as this function can be guarded, it is enough, how to install windows 10 without product key from usb and the radars on our four cars can also be networked, windows 10 product key kms Windows 10 Pro Product Key Uk so there will be no need to arrange people to be on duty at night in the future.

Moreover, the harvest is only one aspect.Many search teams are unwilling to send the precious World War II artifacts to the museum for display.Even if it s just running windows 10 pro with windows 10 home key a windows 10 ultimate 64 bit product key free steel helmet.Big Ivan added.Even if it s just a steel helmet Lu Ren sighed, So in addition to personal relationships, the official is willing to put out a piece of regional publicity such as the dragon and the bear, the valley, the echo and other civilian search teams, don t you need to windows 10 product key generator reddit Windows 10 Pro Product Key Uk say more The brothers nodded, nothing more than a daughter buying horse bones.

His so called counter windows 10 key bios sniper in business is nothing more than cheating and find my windows 10 key deceiving those brain disabled who worship mustache.So in the final analysis, we are just two dealers and diggers, not snipers, this time we are rash.Would you like to contact Ludenkov Let him arrange for someone from the police or the military to come and help Big Ivan asked.Can t afford to lose that person, even if you contact, you have to resolve the people in the abandoned barracks.Shi Quan thought for a while, pointing to the collapsed pine tree less than three meters away and said, You two find a way to cover me.

I guess it was left by the thief.Elena picked up a beer bottle and poured it out, and a few drops of the remaining liquor dripped out.They shouldn t be away for too long.Siqin took out a disposable lighter from the car and put it in his pocket.At this time of year, there will be many foreigners who beat and steal in the next door.They not only beat wild camels and rarer Gobi bears, but also raised herdsmen.All sheep, horses, dogs, and cows are all beaten, but wolves are not beaten.For fun Before Siqin had time to answer Shi Quan s question, He Tianlei s voice came from the hand platform, Quanzi, come back and have a look, this is a white camel Let s go back.

At this excavation site that was only 20 cm square, three pieces of shell fragments were dug out one after another boom The sudden explosion scared Shiquan sitting on the wet forest grassland with a butt, and then he heard the screams of ghosts and wolves coming activate windows 10 product key not work out Windows 10 Pro Product Key Uk of the depths of the forest Xiao Ye Shi Quan, who hadn t walked far, yelled, Take the first aid kit and let s help Chapter 180 Surgery, Valley, Trench The metal forest filled with the smell of gunpowder and screams seems to have once again returned to the battle of the meat grinder in 41 years.

It s just that as the corpse gradually exposed the soil, he frowned, unlike an adult Draw out the tape measure to measure the length of the bones, only less than 1.3 meters Silently took out the body bag and laid it out, Shi Quan took out the bones that hadn t grown up and put them on the body bag.Those rotten and broken clothes were also put on together.But when he picked up a pair of pelvic bones for the second time, Shi Quan looked back at the body bag and then in his hand Elena Come and help Shi Quan s voice not only greeted the person he was looking for, but even the Big Ivan brothers curiously came up.

This where is my windows 10 product key located old guy s snoring is louder than the voice of the reindeer in the spring.Assak placed the chair he brought out on the grass and sat down, and then he took the assault rifle handed over by He Tianlei and hugged him in his arms.You go and rest in the radar monitoring room of the water tanker.He Tianlei slapped Assak on the shoulder happily, and finally took a look at Siqin, who was still playing with the sky telescope, before he got into the cab of the Shiquan RV with his gun.Accompanied by the owl and the wolf howling from afar, he spent the whole night.

So, this Daniel came for this Shi Quan muttered to himself staring at the photo.Sure enough, everyone who came to the Sahara Desert had a clear purpose.Yuri, do you think this is another treasure Elena said excitedly.How can there be so many treasures on this day Shi Quan stuffed the photo into his jacket pocket, We have found enough treasures.Chapter 265 After eating, drinking, and rest enough, the convoy set off again.Saffir, the tutu driver who had been playing soy sauce, finally had a serious job.

After speaking, He Tianlei windows 10 pro product key 64 bit latest had already carried the metal detector and started to advance a little bit from the foot of the mountain.As he walked, he also sprinkled a safe passage directly at the target under his feet with damp sawdust powder dyed in color.This is He Tianlei s own job, but Shi Quan and Da Yiwan are not unable to help.Taking advantage of the time to windows 10 purchase product key explore the way, the brothers first dug a three meter square two meter deep soil pit in the bushy wasteland at Windows 10 Pro Product Key Uk the foot of the mountain.

The naturally ripe fruit is rich in juice and tastes purchase a windows 10 product key much better than those bought in the supermarket.Apart from the fact that it is more troublesome to plant, it has no major drawbacks.After strolling around for a long time, Shiquan finally hit the road leading to the back mountain.Along this trail, over a ridge less than 20 meters high, you can reach the birch forest in the back mountain, which is also their exclusive shooting range and range.If a tunnel leading to the back mountain can be opened here, let alone these how to activate windows 10 key to download onto a sub few tanks and armored vehicles nowadays, it would be more than enough to double it.

He is only so big when censored by the department of culture So, it s very valuable windows 10 product key how to activate He Tianlei asked Shiquan s favorite question.There are not too many bronze statues cast from the original mold, basically we can think that these three sculptures are the only one A pair of bull s eyes almost emitted green light, and he placed the sculpture on the table again, pointing his thick carrot fingers to other exhibits around him, and said, These tattered clothes, old shoes, medals, watches, guns, etc.are all fine.

The Great Ivan key Windows 10 Pro Product Key Uk windows 10 product key generator 32 64 bit full version took a plastic bag from minecraft windows 10 free key after purchasing java the box and opened it, shaking out a huge and intact bear skin and draped it directly on his body, This craft is much better than Yakov.No wonder he said that.In addition to the four big bear paws that Shiquan once hit in Ukraine, the bear skin was also treated by He Tianlei according to the method of tanning sheepskin.It s just that his craftsmanship really feels sorry for the bear, and finally the leather was left in how to get product key from cmd windows 10 the warehouse of the timber factory in Smolensk and was never mentioned again.

The off road vehicle passed through the first door and opened up halfway up the mountain.The three sisters of Elena have been waiting for a long time at the innermost door.Of course, the welcome scene is really grand if you ignore the long and short weapons in their hands.It seems that recuperare product key windows 10 dal bios our radar troopers are more dedicated than those in the Soviet era.Elena smiled and opened the car door to greet her little sister, and Bingtang, who was one step faster than her, was already shaking with her long black hair, and she was familiarly patrolling her territory on the mountainside platform.

Why does this place look so lively Elena asked curiously.Because this is a railroad trade.The Great Ivan, who did his homework before leaving, temporarily served as a tour guide, less than 800 kilometers south from here is the branch of windows 10 product key parallels Windows 10 Pro Product Key Uk the Siberian Railway.Many Siberian products are transported by road to the railway station, and then transported by the Siberian Railway.To the South or even Europe, this is much faster than transporting to Ob Bay and then taking a cargo ship, and the most important thing is that it is basically not affected by the season.

Putting the aluminum folding ladder on windows 10 product key installation the edge of the observation post, Ivan pretended to sign the Orthodox prayer ceremony, and then carefully followed the ladder into the observation post.The telescopes are all useless The Great Ivan opened the cowhide boxes and took a look, then rudely threw them to Shi Quan and the others above his head.Taking the box in a hurry, the outside looks good, but the inside is already full of mildew and rust, which is almost a devastating blow to optical products like telescopes.

How is the situation Big Ivan asked, dropping the rocket on the sand.There are a few enemies hidden behind that mountain, and their large forces should still be spinning in the minefield now.Shi Quan said leisurely.Are you not hurt Elena asked with concern.Everything how to activate my windows 10 product key is fine, did you finish it over there Except for the golden coffin, everything has been transported to the entrance of the cave, but I haven t had time to get the packing truck.After Elena finished, she looked at Nasha and Liu Xiaoye who were helping each other and panting behind her.

What annoyed him was the engine like snore of He Tianlei who was sleeping next to him.But Orika, who was looking at the same starry sky in Libya, faced even more difficulties.She hadn t closed her eyes for two days download windows 10 with a product key in a row, but the arms dealers who drove pickup trucks followed her along the rut.Now she tool to retrieve windows 10 product key is like Shi Quan, hoping that a sandstorm large enough can completely cover her whereabouts.However, as the sun rises, the Sahara Desert is still shining brightly, and even the sand grains are calmly staying in their place.

Boom Amid the dull impact, the pine trees thick enough for oil barrels dropped a lot of dry pine cones in the vibration, and together there was rock candy that climbed up the trunk one step in advance.The little guy didn t know if he was lucky or bad, and he fell windows 10 product key walmart Windows 10 Pro Product Key Uk directly on the brown bear that hadn t completely died.The suppression from the bloodline caused the little guy to crawl along Shiquan s trouser legs and back into the bucket while screaming.Cautiously poked the brown bear still twitching with the muzzle to make sure that it should not be able to survive, Shi how to activate windows 10 permanently without product key Quan squeezed his hands and replied to He Tianlei s call, It s okay, I killed a bear.

My chest, there is a can you use a windows 10 professional key with windows 10 home disc bomb in my chest the man Windows 10 Pro Product Key Uk Microsoft Office 2019 Product Key for Free [100 %Working List] said quickly.He Tianlei was not in a hurry to explode him, instead he asked without delay, Who are you Who put the bomb for you My name is Safier and I am a tuk tuk driver.I was caught by those people and taken to the Sahara desert more than two months ago.At least dozens of people were arrested windows 10 key gen with me.Every few days someone would come from We pick one or two of them and strap them to the bombs, and then strap them to the camels to let us escape.Who are those people He Tianlei asked patiently.

This is it Big Ivan jumped directly onto the sludge filled steel plate, how can Windows 10 Pro Product Key Uk and tied the excavated 10 product key crack key Windows 10 Pro Product Key Uk

thing with a wire rope fixed behind the excavator.During World War II, the Red Army of the Soviet Union used this kind of old artillery Shi Quan looked at the side of the cab for a while and saw that it was a front gun that was dug out this time.This thing was placed in China a hundred years ago link your windows 10 product key to a microsoft account and had a bluffing name, General in Red World War II The can you purchase a windows 10 product key Great Ivan laughed when he heard the words, This is not something from World War II, and it is not even the equipment used in World War I.

The camel team on the left was unobstructed, and could only lie behind the camels and fought back blindly.Seeing their panic shot from one shot to the next, it was obvious that they could not find the position of the enemy.And behind the other sand dune on the right, the off road vehicle is hiding itself tightly.On the top of that sand dune, several people are firing shots from time to time and then changing positions.Hurry up The sudden faint whistle frightened He Tianlei.He threw down the binoculars without thinking.

What they had to do now was to find the observation win 10 product key validation post hidden in the two buildings, and then get rid of him boom A crisp gunshot came from the direction of the abandoned barracks, and before they heard the gunshot, a bullet had grabbed the outside windows 10 professional key from kinguin work for windows 10 home upgrade of He Tianlei s left arm and flew behind them He Tianlei was stunned for a short second after looking at the jacket that was cut by the airflow on the outside of his shoulders.He dragged the Shiquan beside him behind the hidden pine tree, and at the same time kicked him on the hip bone of Big Ivan.

He Tianlei didn t care at all, but when Ono gave him a look, he immediately pulled Siqin to the side of the medical vehicle and opened the external disinfection box.While Ono cooperated with Siqin s father to rescue the wild camel, Shiquan and Elena drew out their guns, followed behind Assac who was holding the pump gun, followed by curious thinking, and free download windows 10 product key list the four people followed the wire rope.Walked into the dense reeds.Passing through the reeds, there was a Wrangler parked next to the foot of the mountain, but the oil and the opened hood suggested that the car would never leave here for the rest of its life.

Before I waited to say anything, the phone s ringtone rang untimely.Shi Quan looked at the caller number and couldn t help but smile, It s Orika, Ono, you turn down the monitoring voice, let s see what she wants to say.Yuri, are you really not going to cooperate with us Orika asked coldly on the other side Windows 10 Pro Product Key Uk of how to get your windows 10 product key from command prompt the phone.How did you sleep that night Shi Quan finished speaking, and the crowd onlookers couldn t help laughing.Don t irritate me.Orika clenched her small fist subconsciously while speaking, Ten million dollars, sell me the secrets you discovered.

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Tao.I m even more curious about what secrets are hidden here.Shi Quan looked at the well preserved 88mm anti aircraft shells.Ivan, do you think these shells can still be used It is very likely that it will still work.The Great Ivan bent over and windows 10 home instant product key touched the dry floor, This is a install windows 10 without product key 2020 desert, and there is no better preservation environment than here, but after all, windows 10 home product key oem it has existed for too long.Although it will not explode, it best place to buy windows 10 product key is very likely that there will be duds.After all, compared to the shell itself, the primer is more prone to oxidation and deterioration.

Ivan, you contact the trailer.Except for the clothing parts and common firearms, shipped back to the Ula Antique Store, all the rest are shipped to the radar station.No problem, but, are you sure you don t need to add defensive firepower on the roof Big Ivan asked half jokingly and half earnestly.Don t worry Shi Quan turned his gaze to the three sisters sitting next to Vika, How is your performance during windows 10 pro generic product key this time Not too good The eldest of the three sisters, the girl who had cooperated with He Tianlei in Belarus, took the initiative to introduce the situation in Smolensk, This year s rain has been too frequent.

Inside the newly opened tunnel, the five people from Shiquan and the Assak lying on the rocking chair are surrounding the bonfire, enjoying the venison hot pot and roasting the whole deer, and complaining about the fickle weather by the way.This snow stops, and the hotbed for the mosquito army in the Arctic Circle in summer is ready.As long as all the snow melts into water, within a few days, the entire tundra will be submerged by mosquitoes.Assak held a roasted burnt deer leg in one hand and a glowing red tomato in the other.

Seeing Shiquan and the two just staring at him with a smile and not talking, Daniel shrugged, Well, buddy, my destination is Dakar, the westernmost part of Africa.If you drop by, can you pick me up Shi Quan and Da Yiwan looked at each other calmly, You have a satellite phone, so you can ask for help and leave.Come on Daniel lay windows 10 product key sticker down on his bed as discouraged, After being bitten by a snake, I called the Maple Leaf State Consulate in Chad twice.After waiting ten minutes, you guessed what they said They asked me to contact the U.